November 15-16Universal City, CA

Workforce of the Future Conference 2016

"SHINE"  Celebrating KP's Success


An educational and celebratory event of top performing practices at KP

Reaching for the Stars in Universal City!

The “sold out” house of conference participants were welcomed to Southern California by Dr. Nirav Shah, challenging us to reach for 2 new principles: “standardization is innovation“ and “quality is measured by speed.” AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Liz Shuler and Utility Workers Union National President Michael Langford described labor’s role in both creating and implementing the future workplace. Each KP regional workforce committee displayed their Workforce of the Future accomplishments within this first year of National Agreement implementation. Diane Antishin, DTE Energy, argued by DTE’s example for a workforce framework that not only pushed results in company efficiency and effectiveness but also meet the needs of union members and the community. Dr. Nolan Chang and Annie Russell described SCPMG’s innovation journey. Dr. Chang provocated the audience to work in teams, not silos. A KP employee panel facilitated by KP HR VP Dawn Bading and supported by the expertise of Martha Deevy, Stanford Center on Longevity, focused on the common interests of Millennials, GenXers and Baby Boomers. Conference bright spots are now highlighted on this site.

We can’t wait to see what progress the KP regional committees will highlight next year!

We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 Workforce of the Future conference,

Jessica Butz & Monica Morris

Jessica Butz National Workforce Planning & Development Coordinator, BHMT Co-Director, Coalition of Unions
Monica Morris Director, National Workforce Planning & Development, BHMT Co-Director

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Please come to registration before the event so that you can get your name badge, parking validation and goodies. You must be already registered to attend. Feel free to bring your tickets to speed up the process but if you forget them don't worry we can look you up.

Jessica Butz, National Coalition Coordinator, BHMT Co-Director, CKPU
Monica Morris, Director, National Workforce Planning & Development, BHMT Co-Director, KP

Nirav Shah, MD, Senior Vice President, SCAL Clinical Operations

Introduction: Hal Ruddick, Executive Director CKPU
Liz Shuler, Secretary-Treasurer AFL-CIO

Introduction: Janis Thorn, SCAL Regional Workforce Co-chair
Judith Komar, Colorado Technical University

5:00 PM
Networking Reception

Cocktail reception and networking opportunity

Annie Russell, SCPMG Chief Operating Officer
Jessica Butz & Monica Morris

Introduction: Dennis Dabney, KP Senior Vice President Labor Relations
Diane Antishin, Vice President HR Operations DTE Energy
D. Michael Langford, National President, Utility Workers Union of America

Nolan Chang, MD, SCPMG

Dawn Bading, Interim KP VP of Talent
Chokri BenSaid, Kaiser Division Director SEIU/UHW
Martha Deevy, Stanford Center on Longevity
Earlene Person, SEIU/UHW Contract Specialist
Katie Rovere, KP Millennial Strategy

Jessica Butz & Monica Morris


Meet our pre-conference presenters

The purpose of the pre-conference was to provide the workforce development community cutting edge information on effectiveness of education delivery and how to identify innovation trends at KP medical facilities and regions.

John Doe


Associate Professor of Human and Organizational Learning, George Washington University

The Lifelong Learning Imperative

Describes how learning has moved from the classroom to "on the job" and implications for implementation of the National Agreement deliverables on precepting and creating peer learning networks.

Dan Weberg

Daniel Weberg PhD, MHI, RN

Director of Nursing Innovation

How Innovation Works at KP
Describes the innovation process at KP and identifies the teams involved in innovation.

Josh Rutkoff

Josh Rutkoff

National Program Coordinator, Innovation Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions

How Innovation Works at KP
Describes the innovation process at KP and identifies the teams involved in innovation.

Meet our conference presenters

Three aims guided the selection of this year's presenters: 1. highlight progress KP, regional workforce committees and National Workforce Planning and Development has made meeting current and future workforce challenges 2. provide examples of the most successful internal and external practices in workforce planning, using teams in caring for patients and coping strategies for health care transformation 3. emphasize the vital importance of labor-management partnership in workforce planning and development.

Judith Komar


Vice President of Educational Technology Colorado Technical University

Digital Fluency: 21st Century Skill. 21st Century Learning (presentation and video)
Defines digital fluency and showcases the Colorado Technical University adaptive learning tool.

Diane Antished

Diane Antishin

Vice President, Human Resources Operations, DTE Energy

Collaborative Workforce Planning and Workforce Readiness (management's perspective)
Describes the innovation process at DTE and identifies the teams involved in innovation. Describes the values behind and effectiveness of the collaborative approach to workforce planning at DTE Energy.

Nolan Chang

Nolan Chang, MD

Physician Director, Primary Care Operations, Southern California Permanente Medical Group

Jobs of the Future
Outlines SCAL successes and how to navigate change. Dr. Chang describes the importance of teams and how teams support the change process.

Annie Russell

Annie Russell

Chief Operating Officer Southern California Permanente Medical Group

SCPMG Accomplishents
Outlines SCAL successes and how to navigate change.

Martha Deevy


Senior Research Scholar and Director Stanford Center on Longevity

Turning it Upside Down: What Baby Boomers, GenXers and Millennials share and don't
Describes population demographics and destroys common myths about each generation.

John Doe


Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Office for Clinical Operations, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Region

The Future of Health and Health Care
Dr. Shah described how the introduction of two principles: quality is measured by speed and standardization is innovation have improved patient care in SCAL.

D. Michael Langford


National President Utility Workers Union of Ameria, AFL-CIO

Collaborative Workforce Planning and Workforce Readiness
(labor's perspective)

Langford argued for the importance of collaboration with union leadership is shaping the workforce and creating good jobs. He also described the Utility Workers education trust fund, POWER.

Liz Shuler


Secretary-Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

"Nailing" Labor's Stake in the Future
Shuler described innovations in workforce education, led by labor unions in different parts of the country, as examples of why workforce development is important to the union movement.









Workforce of the Future Conference 2017 COUNTDOWN

what people say

I'm glad that the conference continues on -- stimulating thought and bringing us together to focus on the future.
Attendee Taken from Post-Conference Survey
Thank you for constantly being innovative and continuing to educate all employees.
Attendee Taken from Post-Conference Survey
The flow of the conference was PERFECT
Attendee Taken from Post-Conference Survey
Thank you for all of your work preparing this conference. It was great!!
Attendee Taken from Post-Conference Survey
Being new to the discipline of workforce planning, I was an empty vessel at the conference, waiting to be filled with inspiration from my new kindred spirits and colleagues. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm, innovation, and progress I now have the privilege to share as I dive into this work. I am already incorporating the concepts I learned into my vision, goals, and ongoing discussions. Thanks for igniting my excitement to be a part of this critical contribution to KP's future!
Kevin Slaughter Director, Workforce Planning Health Plan Workforce Development

Walk of Stars

Regions provided a poster and handouts displaying their 2016 Workforce of the Future Initiative Progress